Packaging system for the food industry

Highly automated system for the production of fiber packaging

Resources and know-how Support for software development and commissioning

My customer is working on a major project in the packaging industry and needed technical and personnel support in terms of drive and automation technology.

Vimotech know-how for the project goal. The solution

Vimotech integrates itself into the existing project team and develops agreed parts of the PLC software and visualization in the TIA Portal.

Thanks to my experience in special machine construction, I can continuously contribute to the improvement of processes and provide organizational advice to the existing project management. It is particularly important in this project that the technical management and know-how remain with the customer.

During commissioning, Vimotech can provide support in the form of suggestions for improvements in mechanical, electrical and safety engineering.


  • 80% 80%
  • PLC programming 100% 100%
  • Measurement technology 10% 10%
  • Marking technology 27% 27%

Customer benefits & best practices

Customer-specific automation successes

In this overview of customer-specific automation successes, the focus is on the hot forming of composite materials and the resulting customer benefits.

We present an outstanding case study that illustrates how our customized automation solution optimizes this process. Thanks to a structured software architecture and our experience in PLC programming, our solutions achieve an increase in efficiency and quality in plant engineering.

This case study demonstrates our technological expertise and our commitment to providing customized solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customer in the packaging industry.

1st function

Vimotech develops part of the machine functions, which accelerates the progress of the project in terms of personnel (the commissioning period is shortened). We are characterized in particular by our efficient working methods.

1. flexibility

We adapt seamlessly to the specifications and processes of our customers. This means that the project know-how remains with the customer and can therefore also be managed by their technicians.

3. unbureaucratic

Requirements and scheduling can always be agreed with Vimotech in an unbureaucratic manner. In the current climate, it is essential to be able to react flexibly to project changes at all times. Of course, we are also available to our customers quickly and unbureaucratically outside the project phases.

3. innovation

Vimotech can draw on many years of cross-industry experience in special machinery and plant engineering. This can make a valuable contribution to the organization of commissioning, drive technology topics and mechatronic processes.

5. cost efficiency

Vimotech is always working at full speed to find a solution and eliminates all idle times through demand-oriented attendance.

Field report

Simulation for problem solving

The collaboration with Vimotech on this particularly challenging and demanding customer project was of crucial importance for our internal software team. Our biggest challenge was to convert the entire control technology to a new manufacturer. In this area, Vimotech made a significant contribution to the successful changeover with its high level of expertise.

A central aspect of this changeover was the transfer of the software library and program structure from our parent company. Here, the cooperation with Vimotech went far beyond a pure software service. Thanks to targeted knowledge transfer and continuous support, we were able to manage the changeover to the system smoothly.

The good integration of the Vimotech employees into our team deserves special mention. Her willingness to integrate herself into our work processes and work closely with our specialist departments contributed significantly to the success of the project. The effective coordination and communication enabled us to identify and solve challenges quickly.
Overall, the support from Vimotech was invaluable. Their expertise, commitment and integration into our team helped us to successfully complete the project. We are extremely grateful to Vimotech for their outstanding support and would always consider them as a partner for future projects.