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Measurement & testing technology

Acquisition, analysis and evaluation of 2D and 3D camera and laser measurement data. We also integrate various sensors to evaluate process parameters using machine learning algorithms.

Increased efficiency & quality assurance

You can save time and resources by automating measurement and testing processes. Our technologies enable faster data acquisition and evaluation, which leads to more efficient production. Furthermore you can ensure the quality of your products and meet the requirements of your customers. Thorough testing and validation minimize the risk of faulty products and recalls.

Precision and accuracy

Our measurement technology & test engineering solutions ensure precise measurements for the control of automated processes. High-quality sensors accurately monitor temperature, pressure, fill level and flow rate, optimize systems and detect potential problems at an early stage. Our solutions ensure reliability, improved product quality and increased efficiency.

Cost savings & customer satisfaction

By optimizing your processes and reducing waste, you can cut costs and increase your competitiveness. Our solutions are designed to minimize your production costs and maximize profitability. By improving the quality of your products and delivering consistent results, you can increase customer satisfaction and build long-term customer relationships.

Measurement and testing technology - Automation technology from Upper Austria - Austria and Germany

Measuring & testing technology from Vimotech

Measurement and testing technology –
the key to optimization


Our measurement technology solutions are designed to deliver accurate and reliable measurements in real time. From temperature and pressure sensors to flow meters and level sensors, we offer a wide range of products to help you monitor and control your processes optimally.

At Vimotech, we know that quality assurance is an equally important aspect of automation. That’s why we offer first-class testing technology to help you ensure the quality of your products and processes. Our testing equipment and systems enable thorough testing and validation, so you can be sure that your products meet the highest standards.

What sets us apart from others? At Vimotech, we not only attach great importance to technical excellence, but also to customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and offer customized solutions that meet their needs.

your industry, our expertise

Target group-oriented automation solutions from Vimotech

Steel and aluminum production




Packaging industry

Application & Integration

Integration of measurement and testing technology solutions into existing production facilities and automated systems

From conception to implementation, we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. We analyze your processes and systems to determine the optimum placement and configuration of our sensors and test devices. We also guarantee smooth communication between our products and your higher-level automation system to ensure seamless integration and efficient data exchange.

Measurement technology

Precision for
Efficient automation

Our measurement technology solutions offer a wide range of high-precision sensors for temperature, pressure, level and flow rate. With reliable accuracy, they enable efficient monitoring and control of automated processes in industrial and manufacturing plants. From packaging production to steel manufacturing, our solutions provide the control you need to minimize production downtime, reduce costs and maximize the quality of your products. Discover how our measurement technology solutions can help you optimize your processes and achieve your business goals.

Our testing technology solutions offer comprehensive instruments and systems to ensure product quality and conformity. From non-destructive testing methods to automated tests, we offer customized solutions for various industries. With our testing devices, you can detect faults at an early stage, minimize downtimes and maximize the efficiency of your production processes. From automotive to aerospace, our solutions provide the reliability and accuracy you need to achieve your production goals. Discover how our inspection technology solutions can optimize your quality assurance processes.

Testing technology

Quality assurance for
Maximum reliability

Efficient synergy

Integrated measurement and testing technology for maximum process control

Our integrated solutions combine precise measurement technology with reliable testing technology to ensure seamless process control and quality assurance. By intelligently integrating these two areas, we offer a comprehensive solution for automation that not only increases efficiency, but also maximizes product quality. Discover how our integrated systems can help you optimize your production processes while reducing costs, minimizing downtime and increasing competitiveness.

The Vimotech concept for success

Measuring & testing technology taken further

Robustness and durability as well as flexibility and adaptability

The devices must be able to withstand the demanding conditions in industrial environments, such as high temperatures, humidity, vibrations and chemical influences. Furthermore, the technology should be easy to integrate into different applications and systems and be able to adapt to changing requirements.

Data acquisition and analysis

In addition to the acquisition of measurement data, the analysis and interpretation of this data is also of crucial importance. Advanced analysis tools can help to detect patterns, identify anomalies and reveal optimization potential.

Conformity and certification - integration of Industry 4.0 technologies

Especially in regulated industries such as the steel and aluminum industry, it is important that the measurement technology complies with the applicable norms and standards and possibly has certifications such as ISO 9001 or NADCAP approvals. The integration of Industry 4.0 technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence and machine learning enables even more intelligent and predictive use of measurement and testing technology in automation.