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Vimotech takes your functional requirements and internal programming standards into account and handles the seamless development and commissioning of your PLC software.

Planning and analysis in control and feedback control technology

Customized automation solutions. Needs analysis and specification creation

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Customized solutions for mechanical and plant engineering

Discover individual automation solutions for control and feedback control technology at Vimotech, perfectly adapted to the requirements of various industries. Our innovative solutions offer precise control and maximum efficiency in production processes, energy management and more. Rely on our expertise for reliable and future-proof solutions.

your industry, our expertise

Target group-oriented automation solutions from Vimotech

Steel and aluminum production




Packaging industry


Needs analysis and creation of specifications for customized automation solutions

At Vimotech, we go far beyond simple requirements gathering. Our approach to requirements analysis and specification writing is designed to understand and address the unique circumstances and needs of each client. We rely on intensive discussions, comprehensive plant inspections and a thorough analysis of all available written documents. We not only draw on our own experience, but also on the latest technological research. The result is a customized specification sheet that serves as a clear guideline for the development and implementation of the automation solution.

electrical constructions

Cabinet construction and assembly
for seamless integration

In addition to software development, our integrated automation solutions also include electrical and mechanical design as well as cabinet construction and assembly. Based on the requirements defined in the specifications, we design electrical control cabinets and mechanical components that can be seamlessly integrated with each other. We attach particular importance to consistent documentation and use state-of-the-art development methods to ensure transparent collaboration and constant updating.

Depending on the size of the system, we can rely on a suitable partner for mechanical design and production. By looking at machine development from the operator’s perspective, we can identify and address potential weak points as early as the design phase. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their specific requirements are met and offer active involvement in the development process where necessary.

mechanical construction

Production with a view
for maximum operating efficiency

Priority in development

Plant and machinery
for maximum performance

Our priority is always to develop systems and machines that offer maximum performance and reliability. By continuously innovating and adapting to the latest technologies, we ensure that our solutions meet our customers’ requirements and are also able to cope with future challenges.

Software development

PLC, databases, vision, data evaluation for optimized processes

Our software solutions cover a wide range of applications, including the programming of PLC systems, databases, vision systems and the evaluation of operating data. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies and adapting them to the specific requirements of our customers, we help to optimize processes and increase efficiency.

Sps programming

Drive technology for
Shorter commissioning times

With our expertise in programming control systems such as TIA Portal and B&R, we can significantly shorten development and commissioning times. By working together with our customers and taking their individual requirements into account, we ensure that our solutions are optimally tailored to their needs and can be quickly integrated into their existing systems.

The integration of databases and batch management into our customers’ automation solutions is of central importance to us. We ensure seamless data availability, material tracking and archiving to create an efficient and transparent production environment and promote operational success.

Efficient data management

Database and
Batch management

Optimization of production processes

Data analysis for
well-founded decisions

Our data analysis service enables our customers to make informed decisions and continuously optimize their production processes. By evaluating operating data and using state-of-the-art analysis techniques, we help to identify weak points, realize efficiency gains and improve competitiveness.

Commissioning, training and simulation

Optimum support for your automation solutions from Vimotech

Commissioning and production support for a smooth operating phase

Our commitment does not end with commissioning. We support our customers throughout the entire product life cycle to ensure that their systems are always ready for operation and offer maximum performance. We minimize downtime and maximize productivity through regular inspections, maintenance and support services

Documentation and training for effective use of the automation solutions

Our training programs are designed to optimally prepare plant personnel for the operation and maintenance of the machines. Through a combination of theoretical lessons, practical exercises and online resources, we ensure that our customers can utilize the full potential of their automation solutions and that training time is reduced to a minimum

Simulation for a better understanding of processes and optimized workflows

By simulating processes, we enable our customers to gain a better understanding of the behavior of their machines and production processes. This enables you to identify and rectify potential problems at an early stage, optimize processes and increase efficiency