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Automation technology

PLC software, drive technology & complete solutions


With our expertise in automation, we offer customized solutions for your requirements – software & hardware. We offer a solid foundation of theoretical principles, tailored to the requirements of mechanical engineering.

  • Control & feedback control technology
  • Measuring & testing technology
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Our innovative automation solutions optimize your processes and maximize efficiency – Reduce development and commissioning time by up to 50% by specifically avoiding trial-and-error methods

We are your reliable partner in automation technology – from Upper Austria – for Austria / Germany / Switzerland / Italy









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complex automated systems –
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Vimotech offers not only the selection of suitable components, but also the development of control logic and interfaces as well as the seamless integration of different systems into a uniform solution.

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Core competence in industrial automation

Control & feedback control technology

Process stability, product quality &

Measuring & testing technology

Quality assurance, process control & efficiency improvement

Marking technology

Identification, traceability & quality control

Training courses for drive technology, PLC programming and electrical engineering

Working with Vimotech on a challenging customer project was crucial for our software team. Vimotech made a significant contribution to the conversion of the control technology and the adoption of our software library. Your employees integrated well into our team and contributed significantly to the success of the project. Effective communication enabled us to solve challenges quickly. Overall, Vimotech's support was invaluable and we would love to involve them again for future projects.

Kastner Alexander – kiefel packaging

Very good programming and technical knowledge and skills, very professional attitude, excellent cooperation. Always a pleasure to work with you Emmanuel, thanks

Roman Stacha- Maxion Wheels Czech

Mr. Gehmayr from Vimotech supervised the project to our complete satisfaction as the main software engineer responsible for automation technology. Working with him was very pleasant and conflict-free. The tasks were carried out very competently. We will be happy to contact Vimotech again if required.



Team leader automation technology machine manufacturer

Manufacturing & production processes

increase capability

The optimization of manufacturing and production processes in automation is a central aspect that aims to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality and strengthen competitiveness.

The VIMOTECH key aspects of optimization in automated production:

Process analysis & identification of bottlenecks

Bottlenecks and inefficient areas can be identified by analyzing the existing production processes. This enables targeted improvements to be made in order to shorten throughput times and eliminate bottlenecks.

Automation of manual tasks

Automating manual or repetitive tasks can help reduce human error, increase productivity and reduce labor costs. This includes the integration of automation systems such as robots and process systems for processing, measuring and handling machines.

Real-time monitoring and control

By implementing sensors and monitoring systems, manufacturing processes can be monitored and controlled in real time to detect deviations and make immediate adjustments. This enables a faster response to changes in the process and continuous optimization of performance.

Continuous improvement

The introduction of a continuous improvement process (CIP) enables ongoing improvements to be made to production processes. This includes collecting feedback, conducting root cause analyses, identifying optimization potential and implementing process optimization measures.

Flexibility and adaptability

The design of manufacturing systems and production processes should be flexible and adaptable in order to be able to react to changing market requirements, product variants and customer wishes. This includes the implementation of modular production systems, flexible production lines and quick changeover options.

Predictive maintenance

Failures and downtimes can be reduced by integrating condition monitoring systems and predictive maintenance technology. This enables the preventive maintenance of machines and systems based on real-time data and predictive analyses.

Integration of data analysis and AI

The use of data analysis and AI technologies enables deeper insights into manufacturing processes, the identification of patterns and trends and the prediction of future events. This supports decision-making and enables data-driven optimization of production processes.

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Automation technology in application

Use cases | Industrial automation

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