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Marking technology

Integration of a desired marking system into your machine or production line, including integration into your automation system.

Precise labeling

Marking technology enables products to be marked accurately and permanently, which improves traceability and identification in the production process.

Increasing efficiency and minimizing errors

Automating marking processes speeds up workflows and reduces human error, resulting in improved productivity and quality control.

Cost savings and compliance

Automated marking systems enable companies to save costs by optimizing work processes. They also help to comply with legal requirements and industry standards in terms of product labeling and traceability.

Marking technology - solutions for product marking in the industry

Marking technology from Vimotech

Efficient labeling
for precise process control


Marking technology is a key component in automated manufacturing processes that enables precise marking of products and components. Our solutions integrate state-of-the-art identification technology and reliable testing technology to ensure seamless process optimization. From product identification to quality assurance, our marking technology offers a wide range of applications, including coding, marking, labeling and inspection. By intelligently integrating these technologies, we offer tailor-made solutions that not only increase efficiency but also maximize product quality. Discover how our marking technology solutions can help you to optimize your production processes and strengthen your competitiveness.

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Target group-oriented automation solutions from Vimotech

Steel and aluminum production




Packaging industry

Application & Integration

Integration of marking technology solutions into existing production facilities and automated systems

We analyze your requirements and processes to ensure the optimum placement and configuration of our marking systems. Whether laser marking, inkjet printing or labeling, we adapt our solutions to your specific needs. Our integrated marking technology solutions not only enable precise product marking, but also efficient process optimization and quality assurance in your production environment.

Modernization of your production lines

Seamless integration

Modern marking technology can be easily integrated into existing automated production lines, ensuring smooth communication between different systems.

Marking technology can be used for a variety of applications, including product marking, identification, coding, labeling and quality control.

Flexibility for your requirements

Versatile application options

Increasing productivity and quality

Efficient process optimization

The integration of marking technology enables efficient process optimization by accelerating workflows, minimizing errors and shortening production throughput times.

The Vimotech concept for success

Marking technology taken further

Innovative solutions

Vimotech is driving marking technology forward by developing innovative technologies and methods that go beyond conventional applications. This includes, for example, the integration of AI for intelligent marking systems or the development of 3D marking techniques for complex surfaces.

Customized integration

Vimotech not only offers state-of-the-art marking technology, but also customized integration solutions. This means that the marking technology is seamlessly integrated into the customer’s specific production processes and requirements, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency.

Customized training and support

Vimotech goes beyond providing technology by also offering customized training and comprehensive support. This enables customers to exploit the full potential of marking technology and solve problems effectively to ensure smooth and efficient production.